All names in the game are fictitious and any similarity is a coincidence.

The game "Poekhali" was created as a rocket launch simulator "Proton-M" in space, but evolved into a full-fledged arcade about rockets of different countries.

You need to keep a balance in flight, collect checkpoints, and finally go beyond the Earth's atmosphere as long as you don't runs out of fuel.

The game is in development!

  • In the future will add new levels and locations;
  • levels will encompass various obstacles on the way to the finish;
  • Initial rockets will be easier to steer;)
  • The game will be released on Android system.

Available features:

  • 4 types of rockets;
  • 3 different characters ;
    (Characters affect the way a rocket will look like in the game)
  • Beware of the deadly beam from space.

Navigation menu - a mouse;
Rocket control - arrows on the keyboard.

Mars concept
Made withUnity

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